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The GARR Network and its services are dedicated to the Italian Research and Education Community. Currently, around 1200 sites, including research and documentation centers, universities, observatories, laboratories, libraries, museums and other infrastructures, for a total of over 4,000,000 end users, are connected to the GARR Network. Thanks to the collaboration of the APM (Access Port Manager) of all the sites connected to the network, it is possible to make available to users who work in the various institutions the services provided by GARR.

This vast community is destined to widen again, thanks to the interconnection of new structures belonging to the world of Research, Education and Culture, Schools, Academies of Art and Museums.

Below is a list of the structures connected to the GARR Network.

List of connected sites classified by type of Body.
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GARR NEWS is the bi-annual magazine dedicated to the GARR community and was created with the aim of creating a direct channel between GARR and its users.

Besides being a great opportunity to talk about new services offered and to take stock of situation of the network and its use, GARR NEWS has in fact the purpose of giving voice to those who daily use the network. Users themselves will have the opportunity to talk about innovative experiences and to play therefore an increasingly active role in the dissemination of applications in the GARR community, proposing those experiences as examples of excellence to be followed.

Do you have an interesting project? Tell us your story!

Visit GARRNews website

GN Archive

GARR News content, except where otherwise indicated, is released under the terms of the Creative Commons license, Attribution - Non Commercial


Tribunale di Roma n. 243/2009 del 21 luglio 2009
Direttore editoriale
Direttore responsabile
Gabriella PAOLINI
Maddalena VARIO
Consulenti redazione
Progetto grafico (Cartaceo)

Federica TANLONGO, Carlo VOLPE
Progettazione WEB
Consortium GARR
Via dei Tizii 6 - 00185 Roma
Tel. 06 49622000
fax. 06 49622044
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

GARR, What We Offer, Network, eduroam, Idem

Employees and guests at the GARR office have the following wireless connectivity services available to access the internet.

Use of the connection by users requires the acceptance of the "Terms of Service".


Visitors and guests at the Consortium GARR headquarters can access the internet using the eduroam or IDEM credentials provided by their membership body.

If you do not have eduroam or IDEM credentials, you can use a dedicated wireless network using temporary credentials provided by GARR Secretariat.

Contact the GARR Secretariat


eduroam® (education roaming) is the service that provides secure wireless access to community and mobility users in Europe and beyond.

GARR participates in eduroam as an Identity Provider and as a Resource Provider.

You can use the eduroam service with any wireless-enabled device using the 802.1X protocol.

To simplify the configuration of your device and make it compatible with eduroam connections, it is recommended that you use the installers provided by the CAT service at managed by GÉANT.

eduroam configuration guide for GARR Employees

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GARR, Network

International Research Networks


GÉANT is the European high-capacity backbone that interconnects European research and education networks with multiple connections of 100Gbps and offers advanced services to large research infrastructures and the entire scientific, education and culture community in Europe.

Regional and Metropolitan Networks

The GARR network interconnects with other networks at the local, national and international level, to facilitate data exchange between the research and education community and its partners. In addition to the usual connections with international research and education networks, it is worth mentioning several peerings with major commercial networks and with the networks managed by local public administrations such as Regions and Municipalities.

Commercial Networks

GARR offers its community a link to global internet through redundant connections with three of the main international operators, for an aggregate of 30 Gbit / sec, both in IPv4 and in IPv6.

In addition, connections are made to ISPs through links to the Internet Exchange of Milan MIX and Rome NaMeX, for an aggregate of 80 Gbit/sec, and links to the Internet Exchange of Turin TOP-IX, Florence TIX and Padua VSIX, for an aggregate of 12 Gbit/sec.

Peering list at ixp

An IXP is a network through which operators connect their backbones to each other, realizing part of the meshing of the Internet. Since the Internet is given by the composition of many networks, it is necessary that each portion be connected to the others.

The connection between them can be done with pinpoint circuits or through an IXP that allows, with a single circuit, to realize the interconnection of a network with, potentially, all the others already present on the IXP.

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  • Totalmente rinnovato è online il nuovo sito di IDEM, l'#identitàdigitale della ricerca italiana! 🔑IDEM è il servizio che semplifica l'accesso alle risorse online grazie ad una password unica e standard internazionali di sicurezza.


2018 GARR Conference - DATA (R)EVOLUTION

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GARR Promotional video about its activities supporting the Italian Network of the University and Research

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Online GARR NEWS 19

Online GARR NEWS 19

In the new issue we talk about robotics, artificial intelligence and network, gathering the experience of researchers from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), the analysis of the expert of AI Prof. Luigia Carlucci Aiello and the story of the use of intelligent robots in the medical-rehabilitation field by the Fondazione Stella Maris of Pisa and the Istituto di BioRobotica of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.

GARR scholarship holders introduce their research

GARR scholarship holders introduce their research

15 young researchers, including the 10 winners of the 2018 call for the "Orio Carlini" scholarships, and those who had their scholarship prolonged for a research activity started with the previous call, will present their projects on next 6 December, at the seventh "scholarship day", to be held at GARR headquarters in Rome.

GARR hosts the EaPConnect e-Health workshop in Rome!

GARR hosts the EaPConnect e-Health workshop in Rome!

On 30-31 October 2018, the EaPConnect project and GARR will host the workshop “Biomedical collaborations over National Research and Education networks: success stories and best practices”.

The TNC invites you to Tallin!

The TNC invites you to Tallin!

The Call for Proposals to participate at the TNC19, the largest and most prestigious European research and education networking conference, is now open.