Biomedical research

Biomedical Research

e-Infrastructures for medical research and clinical praxis

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Roma 22 Febbraio 2013


Autore Titolo Slide Video
Claudia Battista Welcome and introduction    
Gaetano Guglielmi Welcome and introduction   logo
Stefano Cappa CT in aging and dementia research: a European perspective pdf   (1.13 MB) logo
Roberto Barbera Making e-Infrastructures easy: the Science Gateway approach pdf   (5.56 MB) logo
Giovanni Frisoni e-Infrastructures from research to clinical praxis: the DECIDE success story pdf   (2.74 MB) logo
Marco Pappalardo
Simona Arriva
The VESPA project pdf   (1.49 MB) logo
Claudio Babiloni Networks of Cognition, People and Computers against Alzheimer’s disease: an Italian idea from European to Regional scale (DECIDE) pdf   (999 KB)