Fare sistema per una scuola di qualità

Fare sistema per una scuola di qualità

Connessioni a banda ultralarga e collaborazionI tra scuole, università, ricerca ed enti locali. Così si innova la didattica in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Città della Scienza

9-11 Ottobre 2014: GARR incontra le scuole alla Città della Scienza

Dal 9 all’11 ottobre 2014 GARR incontra le scuole nella dodicesima edizione di “Smart and Education Technology Days – 3 Giorni per la scuola” l’evento organizzato da Città della Scienza di Napoli ed interamente dedicato alle scuole.

Scientific Research

The research community represents the heart and the initial core of GARR users. Of the many souls that compose it, the research is the one that most often manifests complex requirements, both in terms of bandwidth demand and advanced services



A widespread network and advanced services for research and teaching for the universities in Italy

GARR provides ultra-broadband connectivity and advanced services to many universities and colleges, promoting multidisciplinary research


Biomedical Research

The Italian biomedical community on the network

GARR provides ultra-broadband connectivity and computing and storage services to numerous institutions of the Italian biomedical research community.

Cultural Heritage


GARR has always supported the world of cultural heritage in the main research and study activities, protection and enhancement of cultural heritage.

Within this community there



The innovation of schools inevitably goes through a new way of teaching that involves the adoption of technologies inside and outside the classroom and the experimentation of interdisciplinary


Music & Art

Following its interdisciplinary mission, GARR connects also sectors that are perceived as distant from each other: science and technology with art and culture.

The use of advanced technologies in performing arts is changing the very way