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    GARR NEWS is the bi-annual magazine dedicated to the GARR community and was created with the aim of creating a direct channel between GARR and its users.

    Besides being a great opportunity to talk about new services offered and to take

    Italian NREN

    5 times faster with the alien technology

    GARR has announced the result of a new technological innovation that has made it possible for the Italian research and education network to increase its performance by about 5 times, reaching potential capacity up to 8


    Amendment to the GARR AUP

    The new version of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for the GARR Network, approved on last 6th November by the BoD, is now online.

    Scholars' Day 2017

    Scholars' days 2017

    Tuesday 12 december 2017

    Adalberto Giazotto

    Good bye to Adalberto Giazotto, the father of Virgo

    The physicist Adalberto Giazotto, the pioneer of gravitational wave research and creator of the Virgo detector, built in Italy, at Cascina, in the Pisan countryside by INFN and the CNRS (Center National de la Recherche Scientifique) has

    LIGO and VIRGO

    LIGO and VIRGO - another success for global R&E collaboration

    This week’s exciting announcements from the LIGO and Virgo teams of the first observations of a “Kilonova” (The merging of two neutron stars generating both gravitational waves and a range of electromagnetic waves) on the 17th August 2017

    LIGO and VIRGO

    Inside the collaboration

    In September 2015 physics and astronomy researchers around the world celebrated the discovery of gravitational waves, produced by the merger of two black holes at the centre of the galaxy.

    IaaS and PaaS services

    The GARR Cloud Platform offers IaaS and PaaS services.

    IaaS: Infrastructure as a Service

    With IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) services, users can autonomously obtain, configure and manage virtual machines running on the



    GARR uses OpenStack, an open source solution that has become a de facto standard, supported by tens of thousands companies and developers


    Physical infrastructure

    The GARR Cloud Platform is built on an infrastructure distributed geographically over 5 sites and implemented as a part of the GARR-X Progress project. The five data centres are located