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Wireless Connectivity

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Wireless connectivity

Employees and guests at the GARR office have the following wireless connectivity services available to access the internet.

Use of the connection by users requires the acceptance of the "Terms of Service".


Visitors and guests at the Consortium GARR headquarters can access the internet using the eduroam or IDEM credentials provided by their membership body.

If you do not have eduroam or IDEM credentials, you can use a dedicated wireless network using temporary credentials provided by GARR Secretariat.

Contact the GARR Secretariat


eduroam® (education roaming) is the service that provides secure wireless access to community and mobility users in Europe and beyond.

GARR participates in eduroam as an Identity Provider and as a Resource Provider.

You can use the eduroam service with any wireless-enabled device using the 802.1X protocol.

To simplify the configuration of your device and make it compatible with eduroam connections, it is recommended that you use the installers provided by the CAT service at managed by GÉANT.

eduroam configuration guide for GARR Employees


GARR has registered with the IDEM Federation a wireless resource that provides wireless connectivity to staff and visitors from a federated IDEM organization using the credentials issued by the membership organization.

To use this service you need:

  • connect to SSID "garr-idem";
  • launch a navigation browser that will be redirected to the authentication portal;
  • select IDEM as authentication method;
  • choose your own Identity Provider;
  • authenticate yourself with your credentials.