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GARR Workshop 2018, from 29 to 31 May in Rome

Pubblicato il 21 February 2018

The new edition of GARR Workshop “Net Makers – the community that innovates the network” will take place at the University Roma TRE.

This important event for IT and networking experts of the research and education community will address very hot topics. We will talk about cybersecurity, new network models, and the sharing of infrastructures at the local level.

Security will be addressed in all its aspects, from the regulatory to the more technical ones. In view of the upcoming enforcement of the new indications regarding the protection and management of personal data and those relating to the minimum IT security measures, this workshop aims to be an occasion to discuss about these topics together and find a synthesis between privacy and security needs, which often diverge. The event will have a very concrete approach, with the presentation of the most significant experiences and solutions adopted. In the field of cybersecurity, news from the national and international scene will also be presented from a technical point of view.

Another central topic of this year's edition is the evolution of the network, increasingly linked to software development and the adoption of automation techniques that can help manage its growing complexity. In this context the experiments conducted by GARR and by the academic and research community at the international level will be presented.

We will also talk about networks presence on the territory and the value of the interconnection of networks at the regional, metropolitan and campus level will also be given scope so that network services can be improved and increasingly widespread. As usual, the workshop will offer a wide range of training opportunities in order to encourage knowledge sharing and the development of new skills within the community.

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