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GARR NEWS 18 is online!

Pubblicato il 29 August 2018

In this issue of GARR NEWS, the magazine of the Italian research and education network, we will talk about the mix of Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning that in the manufacturing sector has been named Industry 4.0.

We are going to present it from the point of view of the research institutes and universities connected to GARR. Indeed, through automation, the manufacturing sector is evolving and creating more and more important synergies with the research world. In particular Francesco Profumo (President of FBK) and Sauro Longhi (dean of the Polytechnic University of Marche) will present their experience together with other interesting stories from the CNR IMM and the Polytechnic of Turin.

In order to deal with these large amounts of data, transmission becomes strategic and it is therefore necessary that networks change as well. But how will the future network be like? In this issue we will present the new GARR network model, designed to be agile, flexible, resilient and progressively tending to automation.

Big Data also entail new challenges in the protection of personal data and, for this reason, we will host an article by Antonello Soro, President of the Italian Authority for the protection of personal data.

And finally we will talk about cybersecurity, blockchain, training, copyright and much more! Enjoy!


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