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Robotics Festival

Interactive symphonies at Robotics Festival

Also LoLa technology will be protagonist of the Robotics Festival, scheduled in Pisa from 27 September to 3 October 2018.

A week of innovation with lots of appointments to learn about the most important research and applications in areas that are already changing our lives.

This is the second edition of the International Robotics Festival, after the debut of 2017, characterized by a big success with over 10 thousand participants.

LoLa technology, developed by the Giuseppe Tartini Conservatory of Music in Trieste (Italy) in collaboration with GARR, will be performed on September 30th with an interactive symphony concert for accordion and orchestra with the music of Astor Piazzolla.
The stage will be distributed as usual between two cities: Trieste, with the accordion of Ivano Battiston and Pisa, with the Orchestra of the University of Pisa directed by Giampietro Manfred.
The concert will be preceded by an artistic and scientific introduction by Massimo Parovel, harmony theory and musical analysis professor at the Tartini Conservatory of Trieste and Claudio Allocchio, head of the GARR advanced services.

The program of the Robotics Festival includes lots of scientific, educational, musical and cultural events, to meet the needs of a wide and varied audience. Here are some topics covered: the contribution of robotics in health care, in humanitarian cooperation, in pleasure boating ( also to allow people with disabilities to face a safe sea voyage), in sport, in industry and in the labor market.
A particular focus will be on the ethical, social, economic implications linked to the increasingly massive diffusion of robotics, without neglecting aspects that involve the "green economy", the recovery and conservation of cultural heritage, medicine, also exploring the role of professions such as the nurse in the management of new technologies.
Special attention will be reserved to educational robotics. Within the Internet Festival, educational robotics laboratories dedicated to school students (from elementary school to high school) will be proposed.

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