A musical bridge between Venice and Yerevan

A musical bridge between Venice and Yerevan

On 24 September, in Venice, the LoLa technology and the high-bandwidth of research and education networks made it possible for 2 choirs located 5.000 km away to seamlessly perform together in real-time.

This distributed concert “Connecting with Culture”, held at the Ca’ Foscari University, connected the Solisti della Cappella Marciana in Venice and the Hover State Chamber Choir in Yerevan, Armenia, so they can perform together in real time despite their geographical distance.

Singing at such a great distance, by means of a connection crossing 7 European countries, is a real challenge, but it was overcome thanks to the collaboration among GARR network, the Armenian Asnet-AM, GÉANT, the EapConnect project, the Conservatorio Tartini of Trieste and the Ca’ Foscari University.

The concert was part of the 4th Eastern Partnership E-infrastructures Conference, EaPEC 2019, held in Yerevan on 25-26 September and demonstrated the potential of digital technologies to support harmonious cross-border collaboration. The very choice of Venice as a site for this international concert was moved by the important Armenian cultural heritage that is present in the city. “Connecting with cultures” celebrated the ancient and deep bond between the Armenian culture with the city of Venice. Such bond is represented by San Lazzaro degli Armeni and by its conspicuous Armenian community, to which Justine Rapaccioli belongs, the deputy conductor of the Cappella Marciana choir.


  • Komitas, ‘Hov lini’, Performed by Hover Choir in Yerevan Conductor: Sona Hovhannisyan
  • Andrea Gabrieli ‘Caro Mea’ Performed by Cappella Marciana in Venice Conductor: Justine Rapaccioli
  • Giovanni Croce ‘Ecce Panis’ Performed by Hover and Cappella Marciana Conductor: Justine Rapaccioli
  • Komitas ‘Andzrevn yekav’ Performed by Hover and Cappella Marciana Conductor: Sona Hovhannisyan

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