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Online the Italian contribution to the EOSC strategic agenda (SRIA)

Pubblicato il 07 October 2020

ICDI, the national initiative for the Open Science Cloud created by the main Italian research institutions and animated by GARR, has published a position paper on EOSC's Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA).

Once finalised, the strategic agenda will guide the activities and funding related to the European Open Science Cloud during the next Framework Programme. Its definition is therefore a key step for the achievement of the Open Science objectives in Europe and it is important that the contribution of stakeholders is taken into account. ICDI (Italian Computing and Data Infrastructure) is a 'bottom-up' initiative driven by GARR that brings together the major Italian national digital and research infrastructures and Italian research institutions, the national chapters of ERICs and ESFRI projects, aiming at promoting synergies at national level and optimize Italian participation to the European Open Science Cloud Association and other global Open Science challenges. ICDI is one of the four founders of the EOSC Association, established at the end of July together with the Spanish CSIC and the two international organisations CESAER and GÉANT. With the position paper 'Turning Open Science and Open Innovation into reality' ICDI, it wanted to summarise the positions expressed by its members in response to the public consultation on SRIA launched by the Executive Council of the European Open Science Cloud, which ended on 31 August. The aim is to offer feedback on what has been done so far and suggestions both on the aims of the initiative, and more specifically on the areas of action, priorities and synergies needed to make EOSC a reality. The contributions from the consultation will be used to formulate SRIA v1.0, which is scheduled for publication in October and will be presented at the EOSC 2020 Symposium, which will be held online in the week of 18 October.

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