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eduroam lands at the Italian Ministry of University and Research

Pubblicato il 29 January 2021

eduroam, the world-wide Wi-Fi roaming service, has recently extended its reach in Italy thanks to the participation of the Italian Ministry of Education and Research in the eduroam Federation.

This is an important result that offers researchers, professors, students and technical-administrative staff the opportunity to eduroam within the headquarters of the Ministry, in Rome, with no need for further registration.

The eduroam network is present in over 100 countries around the world and the Italian federation, managed by GARR, recorded approximately 60 million accesses in 2020, thanks to the thousands of active hotspots on university campuses, schools, laboratories, libraries and public places.
In Italy there are 190 organisations supporting eduroam, including universities, Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance, research centres, schools, cultural institutes, hospitals, municipalities.

The set up of the ministerial Wi-Fi network was overseen by Cineca. Joining the eduroam network is part of the Erasmus program 2021/27, requiring a broader process to boost digitisation, as well as the designation of a 'national digital officer” and the creation of a digital identity for all participants.