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Sharing ideas and success stories at the GARR conference 2022

Pubblicato il 24 May 2022

The 2022 GARR Conference was once again back in a in-person event, hosted by the University of Palermo from 18 to 20 May.

With the title “CondiVisioni (Shared Visions) - The network as a tool for building the future ", the conference focussedon the new challenges that engage the world of research and which can only be overcome with a collaborative and open approach, available to dialogue with society.

In the session of 18 May there was talk of new models for the network and for the cloud, the digital twin of the Earth and research, on 19 May the focus shifted to artificial intelligence and sustainability for research, to sharing infrastructures and services, on digital environments for research and training, along with innovation and learning, while on 20 May the latest sessions focused on culture and data sharing and digital security for research.

Among the main guests of the event: Roberto Baldoni (General Director of the National Cybersecurity Agency), Stefano Vaccari (CREA General Director), Matteo Dell'Acqua (ECMWF Data Center Director), Sabine Hoffmann (University of Palermo), Marco Aldinucci, (University of Turin), Michela Milano (University of Bologna), Teven Le Scao (Hugging Face), Valeria Rossi, (Open Hub Med), Sofia Pescarin (CNR), Dianora Bardi (ImparaDigitale), Roberto Di Giulio, (University of Ferrara), Massimo Carboni and Sauro Longhi (GARR). The conference was attended by about 160 people in attendance while the streaming collected about 1000 views per day, on the different channels.

Full recordings of the event are available on, while the presentations of individual speakers and interviews will be published in the coming days.

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