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Safely browsing the Internet: from the university a free online course on cybersecurity awareness

Pubblicato il 22 May 2023

The IT security awareness course developed by the University of Ferrara is now available for everyone thanks to the collaboration with GARR.

For anyone using a device connected to the Internet, computer security is an aspect to pay close attention to: there are always new risks running on the net and it is important to know how to counter them.

With the aim of providing the necessary skills to navigate and work online safely, the University of Ferrara has created a cybersecurity awareness course which, after the great success among University staff and students, is now available available to everyone thanks to the publication on the e-learning portal of the Italian GARR education and research network.

"Surfing the Internet safely", this is the title of the course made up of 8 modules, of 30 minutes each, in which a variety of topics are addressed: from the basic concepts of security, to social engineering, to how to make backup copies, to managing of passwords up to how to make the best use of cloud applications and how to guarantee the right to privacy. The course, which fills a training gap on the subject, especially in Italian, is designed to be usable by everyone, even for those who do not have high digital skills.

At the end of the modules, participants will obtain a certificate after successfully passing the assessment tests.

The course "Surfing the Internet" is available free of charge online on the GARR Learning training portal, in its updated version:

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