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European Night of the Researchers

The European Night of the Researchers is back. With GARR participation

The European Night of Researchers will be back on 29 September. A paramount event for science communication, it will involve this year more than 300 cities in Europe.

In Italy, the event is coordinated by Frascati Scienza and will be preceded by the Science Week, which will take place from 23 to 30 September, with a full agenda including events, scientific aperitifs, meetings with researchers, conferences and guided tours of key national research centres.
This year, GARR will participate with two workshops dedicated to kids (but not only). In the first one we’ll build a model of the network, where we will simulate the different types of links and the packets routes, while in the second we’ll build a fully functional miniature network, on which participants will experience the network topology in action and interactively customise it.
Last but not least, following last year’s success, we will propose a live networked concert between Cassino and Cosenza. Thanks to the LoLa system, performers on stages 400 km apart will play together, thus bridging geographical borders: a single, wide, distributed stage melting together art and high technology.

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