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Contribution to international standards

Among the R&D activities, it is worth mentioning the contribution to the development of new standards and definitions, both with IETF and other international standardisation bodies, e.g. ITU.

In the years, topics have ranged from e-mail to telefax, to integration of instant messaging over mobile service and real time chat, up to the internationalisation of user interfaces, as well as the cross-border management of security incidents and network issues.Since 1993, GARR has been authoring and co-athoring many IETF and ITU standards (RFC and "T" specifications) and led several working groups and committees in this area.

In the field of Digital Identities, GARR co-chairs, together with Greek NREN GRNET, the OpenID Research and Education working group set up by OpenID Foundation since 2018 The working group defines standard and specifications for the use of the OpenID Connect protocol in Research and Education and of its interoperability with existing technologies and sistems.