Gioacchino Vino

Gioacchino Vino

Scholarship year:


Project title:

Monitoring system for OpenStack-based distributed data centres.

Hosting organisation:

INFN Sezione di Bari


Dr. Domenico Elia e Dr. Giacinto Donvito

Current emplyment:

I am currently doing my INFN Fellowship in Scientific Computing for LHC. By leveraging on the competences acquired during my scholarship in the domain of Monitoring Systems and Big Data, I am now in charge of the development and implementation of the monitoring system for the new O2 ALICE farm at CERN. It uses the "Modular Stack" solution already validated through the field trials I carried out in the last months, and recently approved by the O2 Technical Board. O2 (Online-Offline) is the new computing paradigm for the ALICE experiment, which will be in operation starting from 2020.

Said about his scholarship:

The scholarship allowed me to enhance my competences and first-hand experience of this domain and to become competitive at high levels in an international environment: I simply couldn’t have achieved that, without.

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