Haftay Gebreslasie Abreha

Haftay Gebreslasie Abreha

Scholarship year:


Project title:

Towards Remote Access to Virtualized Telecom Research Infrastructures

Hosting organisation:

Università di Trento - Dip.to di Ingegneria e Scienza dell'Informazione (DISI)


Prof. Fabrizio Granelli

Current emplyment:

Currently, I work for IMDEA Networks Institute in Madrid, Spain as a Ph.D. student where I am a member of the Networked Systems and Algorithms research team.

Said about his scholarship:

GARR Scholarship helped me to implement and demonstrate the new emerging 5G technologies (i.e. SDN/NFV) into a real concept. Those technical skills and knowledge made me competent and successful to get my current position.
GARR Scholarships really supports for young researchers to explore their creativity and knowledge into a real concept and searching for their future gateway.

Further information:
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