Ilaria Bortolotti

Ilaria Bortolotti

Scholarship year:


Project title:

Teachers and technologies for collaborative learning: training the teachers in the Up2U project

Hosting organisation:

Università di Roma La Sapienza DIGILAB, Centro Interdipartimentale di ricerca e servizi


Dr. Stefano Lariccia

Current emplyment:

GARR Scholarship holder

Said about her scholarship:

Being a GARR Scholarship holder allowed me to extend and enhance my competences in the technical and paedagogic field, as well as those related to educational research thanks to teamwork with national and international experts in these domains.
Thanks to the scholarship I can participate in the EC-funded Up2U project and I am part of a team in charge of designing a training addressing teachers with the objective to enable them to use specific virtual ecosystems that overcome the division between formal and informal learning in order to motivate the students and promote active learning.
Recently I have been participating, together with other GARR scholarship holders, in a series of webinars on how to present the results of our researches to a large public, in occasion of the NREN 2018 conference: an exciting experience that is stimulating my professional and personal growth.

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