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Further information on planned activities on LearningGARR.

From fostering digital literacy to advanced technical training to scholarships for young innovators: GARR in-class and distant learning activities are dedicated to the research and education community.

GARR offers courses on topics linked to the management and use of the network, as well as of advanced services and applications delivered on top of it: from network management to cybersecurity, from monitoring to digital identity, from Open Educational Resources (OER) to advanced services. Training activities are designed to support the dissemination of technical knowledge and to exchange information and best practices on research and development of new technologies and services.

In addition, GARR promotes initiatives to disseminate and enhance digital skills and digital literacy, to pave the way towards a conscious use of the Internet and the e-Infrastructures.

GARR training offer is open to all users in the Research and Education community and includes:

  • Seminars and in-class courses;
  • Webinars and self-paced e-learning courses.

GARR annually awards Scholarships to young graduates that are specialising on themes related to e-Infrastructures.

Training events

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Eventi Internazionali

Date Title Venue City Category
21.11.19 - 22.11.19 Consortium GARR Roma Eventi Internazionali
16.06.19 - 20.06.19 Kultuurikatel Tallinn Eventi Internazionali
02.04.19 - 04.04.19 The Academy of Performing Arts Praga Eventi Internazionali
12.03.19 On-Line On-Line Eventi Internazionali
30.10.18 - 31.10.18 Istituto Superiore di Sanità Roma Eventi Internazionali
04.07.18 - 06.07.18 Divani Hotel Caravel Atene Eventi Internazionali
10.06.18 - 14.06.18 Scandic Lerkendal Hotel Trondheim Eventi Internazionali
24.04.18 - 26.04.18 New World Symphony Miami Eventi Internazionali
11.09.17 - 12.09.17 Czech Technical University Praga Eventi Internazionali
17.07.17 - 21.07.17 Grand Hotel Savoia Genova Eventi Internazionali
29.05.17 - 02.06.17 Design Center Linz Eventi Internazionali
03.04.17 - 05.04.17 Royal Danish Academy of Music Frederiksberg Eventi Internazionali
12.06.16 - 16.06.16 Clarion Congress Hotel Praga Eventi Internazionali
21.03.16 - 23.03.16 New World Symphony Miami Eventi Internazionali
04.05.15 - 06.05.15 Royal College of Music London Eventi Internazionali
31.03.15 Marivaux Hotel - Brussels Brussel Eventi Internazionali
13.11.14 - 14.11.14 Biblioteca nazionale centrale Roma Eventi Internazionali
11.11.14 - 12.11.14 Sede CRUI - Palazzo Rondanini Roma Eventi Internazionali
10.11.14 - 11.11.14 Sede CRUI - Palazzo Rondanini Roma Eventi Internazionali
17.11.13 - 22.11.13 Colorado Convention Center Denver Eventi Internazionali
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