Ricerca biomedica

Ricerca biomedica

e-Infrastructures for medical research and clinical praxis

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Roma 22 Febbraio 2013


Claudia Battista Welcome and introduction    
Gaetano Guglielmi Welcome and introduction   logo GARR.tv
Stefano Cappa CT in aging and dementia research: a European perspective pdf (1.13 MB) logo GARR.tv
Roberto Barbera Making e-Infrastructures easy: the Science Gateway approach pdf (5.56 MB) logo GARR.tv
Giovanni Frisoni e-Infrastructures from research to clinical praxis: the DECIDE success story pdf (2.74 MB) logo GARR.tv
Marco Pappalardo
Simona Arriva
The VESPA project pdf (1.49 MB) logo GARR.tv
Claudio Babiloni Networks of Cognition, People and Computers against Alzheimer’s disease: an Italian idea from European to Regional scale (DECIDE) pdf (999 KB)