Title V




Art. 29 – Causes of dissolution

  1. The Consortium ends:
    1. when its purpose is achieved or is impossible to attain;
    2. when its established duration has come to an end;
    3. by resolution of the Assembly;
    4. by the unanimous will of its members;
    5. in the cases allowed by law.

Art. 30 – Appointment of liquidators

  1. Upon the occurrence of a cause for dissolution, the Assembly appoints a liquidator chosen among three names given by the Board of Directors.
  2. In case of dissolution of GARR, once satisfied the creditors, the capital base will be distributed to the founding and ordinary members in proportion to their respective contributions, with the exception of any destination constraints.
  3. In any case no member will be obligated to absorb any employee of GARR.

Art. 31 – Disputes

  1. Any disputes that arise among the members in social relations, between them and GARR, excluding those which cannot legally be regulated through an arbitration [, will be referred to an arbitration board composed of three members appointed one on each side and the third by mutual agreement or, failing that, by the President of the Court of Rome, who will also appoint the referee of that party that failed to make the appointment.
  2. The arbitrators will decide according to the rules of law, observing the rules of procedure.
  3. The arbitration shall take place in Rome.

Art. 32 – Referral rules

  1. For all matters not provided for in this Statute the rules governing associations will apply.