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Technical contacts in Organizations

In order to ensure a constant and direct link between the technical and administrative services of GARR and the connected organizations, the latter are called to identify some reference figures:

The Rector Delegate for the GARR Network

This figure is planned for the connected Universities only. Appointed directly by the Rector, the delegate (generally the Vice-Rector for IT Services) deals with the planning and optimization of the University network resources and access to the GARR Network. It also takes part in the regular meetings of the CRUI-GARR Commission.

APA - Access Port Administrator

He is usually an official appointed by the direction of the Organization or by the Rector of the University (or by his Delegate for the GARR Network). The APA's task, which interacts with the Rector's Delegate (where present) and with the Consortium GARR Management, is to ensure the full and correct functioning of the local network of the university or connected organization, according to its specific management lines, and optimize the use of the GARR Network by internal structures.

APM - Access Port Manager

Each connected entity has its own local manager, the APM (Access Port Manager), which manages the connection with the GARR Network and is the technical reference person at the GARR for its establishment.

Through the search procedure "Find your APM" you will be able to find the references of the Access Port Manager of the institutions connected to the GARR Network.