Cloud Infrastructure

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Cloud Infrastructure

In addition to the network infrastructure, GARR operates a computing and storage infrastructure, on top of which the GARR Cloud Platform is developed. Through this platform, the research and education community can access on-demand, shared and flexible resources, thus reducing infrastructure costs without any loss of security and data confidentiality, and with the guarantee that their data are hosted within national borders.

The key benefits are ease of use, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

The GARR Cloud Platform currently provides three types of service: Virtual Machines, Virtual Datacentres and PaaS cloud applications. GARR is also working on the deployment of an innovative Container platform.

GARR Cloud platform

The GARR Cloud Platform is designed to make the most of the underlying hardware’s features of robustness, modularity, security and capacity, to offer:

  • Transparent access to resources thanks to a unified approach to authentication and authorization mechanisms;
  • High service reliability: with the maximization of the SLA (Service Level Agreement), also covering the case of the unavailability of a part of the resources and of simplified disaster recovery procedures in case of unavailability of an entire site;
  • Flexible resource allocation thanks to an architecture that can exploit more resources than those available in one site;
  • Security policies that can be customized to the level of single users and resources.

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Thanks to its cloud architecture and to the total control of the underlying optical network architecture, GARR can tackle security and throughput issues in an optimal manner. In addition, at the infrastructure level GARR implements segregation between the different networks dedicated to the management of physical equipment, servers, and services. Network traffic segregation is also ensured at the user level.

The GARR Cloud Platform is characterised by:

  • freedom from vendor lock-in risks, because it is totally based on Open Source software;
  • delegated and scalable federated cloud architecture;
  • declarative model to automate processes;
  • federated authentication;
  • wide catalogue of plug-and-play cloud applications.


The GARR Cloud Platform offers users all the key benefits featured by the most advanced public clouds:

  • agility and flexibility: using only the resources that are needed, when they are needed;
  • shared resources: resources not used by one party can be used by others;
  • lighter management and maintenance overhead for equipment and services required from the user side;
  • general costs reduction (acquisition and management of equipment) and cost model based on actual usage;
  • software always up-to-date.

In addition, the availability of a platform deployed and managed by the GARR user community itself allows:

  • sharing competences: the administration of the cloud and the competences needed to manage it are shared within the community;
  • testing and evaluating architectures that are suitable to research purposes;
  • ully exploiting GARR network’s high capacity connectivity;
  • all equipment located on the national territory, as an additional assurance of security and confidentiality;
  • the integration with other clouds, both public and private.