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Annual Report - GARR Network

The information contained in this document is taken from the "2020 Final Budget" and from the Report on the activity carried out and results achieved 2020 approved by the GARR Shareholders' Meeting in May 2021.

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List of graphs for GARR Network

Backbone links aggregated capacity

New 10 Gbps links for some of the PoPs on the national territory were activated on the transmission and IP/MPLS backbone.

Access links aggregated capacity

In 2020, the aggregate capacity of user access links reached 3.40 Tbps, with 1.4 Tbps dedicated to IP connectivity and around 2 Tbps to VPN services. 34 new sites were connected.
The upgrades include the increase to 10 Gbps of the accesses of the Universities of Cassino, Chieti, Pisa, Urbino, Naples Parthenope, Venice and Messina, the upgrade to 20 Gbps of the INFN National Laboratories in Frascati and Tier2 in Rome, and the upgrade of over 40 IRCCS access links.

Backbone links capacity

The graph shows the composition of the network backbone links with a breakdown according to their capacity.

Backbone access links

The graph shows the composition of the access links of the sites connected to GARR with a breakdown based on their capacity.

Total traffic volume on the GARR network

The graph shows the trend of total traffic on the GARR network.
The trend is a slight decrease in traffic in the last year.

Traffic volume of the GARR network peering

The graph shows the trend on a monthly basis of the traffic volumes generated by the peering of the GARR network. The items considered are upstream and direct peering traffic, traffic to and from Internet Exchanges and search peering traffic.

Traffic volume of the accesses and peerings

The graph compares, on a monthly basis, the total traffic of user accesses with the traffic of search peering.

Peering traffic type

The graph shows the composition of the peering traffic on the GARR network. The main component is given by the traffic of search peering which account for 77% of the total.

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