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Local Internet Registry



  +06 4962 2000
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LIR (Local Internet Registry)

It's the service that assigns IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

GARR provides a secondary DNS service for institutions connected to the GARR network upon request. When registering a .it domain, you must have at least two DNS servers (primary and secondary). Institutions receive support for DNS configuration both during the initial setup and for ongoing maintenance of the service.

Assignment of IPv4 and IPv6 Networks


Any organization authorized to access GARR can request IPv4 networks from GARR-LIR

Request Procedure

  • Request via email in English to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Complete by indicating:

    • Organization
    • Type of network requested(IPv4 - IPv6)
    • Reasons / Motivation
    • Contacts
    • Please note that the networks remain the property of GARR and must be returned to GARR-LIR in case of a change of provider.
  • The LIR will evaluate the request and send an email to notify the assignment of the network. A detailed explanation of the request for the networks is recommended; detailed instructions for filling out the form are provided in document RIPE-424 in English.
  • The requester will receive a confirmation email once the request has been submitted.
  • The information regarding the assignment request will be transmitted to GARR-LIR. The request will then proceed with GARR-LIR evaluating the provided information.
  • If the evaluation outcome is positive, GARR-LIR will assign the requested IP addresses and will directly communicate this to the requester. If the evaluation outcome is negative, GARR-LIR will contact the requester for further clarification.


Each organization authorized to access GARR is assigned an IPv6 /48 network. This assignment can be requested directly from GARR-LIR.

A /48 network is considered sufficient for use in a medium to large infrastructure. If the user deems an additional allocation of IPv6 addresses necessary, they must request it from GARR-LIR, specifying the reasons for the request.

Follow the procedure outlined for IPv4 addresses.

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Primary or Secondary DNS Assignments



Upon the assignment of an IPv4 or IPv6 network, the user must activate reverse resolution on their Name Servers.

GARR offers a secondary DNS service for entities upon request. For registering a .it domain, it is necessary to have at least 2 DNS servers (primary, secondary).
Institutions are provided support for DNS configuration both during activation and for all service maintenance operations.

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Refer to the RIPE website.

  • RIPE-424 IPv4 Address Allocation and Assignment Policies for the RIPE NCC Service Region
  • RIPE-421 IPv6 Address Allocation and Assignment Policy
  • RIPE-425 IPv6 First Allocation Request Form
  • RIPE-436 Global Policy for the Allocation of the Remaining IPv4 Address Space

Refer to the IETF - RFC archive

  • RFC1466 - Gerich, "Guidelines for Management of IP Address Space"
  • RFC1918 - Rekhter, Moskowitz, Karrenberg, de Groot, Lear, "Address Allocation for Private Internets"
  • RFC1219 - Tsuchiya, "On the Assignment of Subnet Numbers"
  • RFC1338 - Fuller, Li, Yu, Varadhan, "Supernetting: an Address Assignment and Aggregation Strategy"
  • RFC1467 - Topolcic, "Status of CIDR Deployment in the Internet"
  • RFC1878 - Pummil, Manning, "Variable Length Subnet Table for IPv4"
  • RFC 3513 IPv6 Addressing Architecture
  • RFC2460 - Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification

Links and References

  • Web Link IANA
    The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) is responsible for the global coordination of the DNS Root, IP addressing, and other Internet protocol resources
  • Web Link ICANN
    To reach another person on the Internet you have to type an address into your computer - a name or a number. That address has to be unique so computers know where to find each other. ICANN coordinates these unique identifiers across the world. Without that coordination we wouldn't have one global Internet.
  • Web Link RIPE
    The RIPE NCC is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) providing Internet resource allocations, registration services and co-ordination activities that support the operation of the Internet globally.
  • Web Link GARR NIC
    Nel rispetto delle regole di accesso alla Rete GARR e secondo la decisione presa dalla CRCS il 6 luglio 2000, gli utenti GARR, possono richiedere al GARR NIC la registrazione di nuovi nomi a dominio sotto il ccTLD "IT" e sotto il TLD "EU".
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For more information about the services or to request activation, please visit: