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GARR Community

The Research and Education Community connected to GARR is composed by:

  1. the members of Consortium GARR (CNR, ENEA, INAF, INFN, INGV and the CRUI Foundation representing the Italian Universities);
  2. the research bodies supervised by the MIUR;
  3. CINECA, the Inter-university Consortium for Calculation;
  4. foreign universities and cultural and/or scientific institutions based in Italy and for which agreements exist with the Italian Government;
  5. cultural and research organizations belonging to other Ministries, such as MiBAC and Health;
  6. associations or consortia between bodies referred to in categories 1 and 2;
  7. research centers and Italian cultural and/or scientific institutions of great interest to the national scientific community and research centers.

List of Organizations and Sites connected to GARR Network