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Following its interdisciplinary mission, GARR connects also sectors that are perceived as distant from each other: science and technology with art and culture.

The use of advanced technologies in performing arts is changing the very way we conceive culture, helping to create new languages, new forms of expression, new ways of transferring knowledge. In this process, networks can play a key role.


Innovative technologies and reliable, fast connections enable real-time interaction between artists regardless of their geographical distance. This is thanks to the worldwide interconnection with other national research and education networks.


GARR performing arts community is composed of the art, music and entertainment departments of Italian universities, which are all connected to GARR, art academies and music conservatories, museums and cultural institutes, as well as hundreds of schools.


Research activities to support innovative projects in this field have led to prestigious results.

This is the case of LoLa, the Low Latency system which was developed by the Tartini Music Conservatory of Trieste and GARR with the aim to allow for distance teaching also in the music field which  is very sensitive to delays. Today, LoLa is used all around the world to perform live music at a distance virtually obliterating thousands of kilometers of space and the delays linked to transmission. This successful project has led to international collaborations such as concerts, multidisciplinary performances with music and dance as well as teaching activities such as distance rehearsals and masterclasses.

LoLa and other related experiments in this field have been used in the theatrical scene.

For example, in the networked performance Innovating Colosseum thanks to the optical fibre connections, actors and musicians interacted simultaneously in very high definition from different places of the Italian archaeological heritage.

Also, GARR collaboration with the performing arts community arrived at the international event Romaeuropa with the theatrical play Il Ratto d'Europa, where, from the technical point of view, the peculiarity was the ability to broadcast audio-video directly on optical fibre without using the traditional internet transmission model, based on the Internet Protocol (IP).

GARR research activities continue with the aim to make the use of network technologies more and more accessible in the performing arts sector.

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