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Performing Arts

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Music and art: optical fibre for limitless creativity

Technology and art blend and generate new languages, expressions, and ways of transferring knowledge.
GARR participates in this change, enabling artists to interact in real-time, even over long distances, with ultra-fast and reliable connections.

The community includes departments of art, music, and performing arts from Italian universities, art academies, and music conservatories.
Some examples of innovation? The LoLa system developed with the Conservatory of Trieste and now widespread worldwide, has revolutionised distance music education by allowing real-time live musical performances with artists located thousands of kilometers away.


Benefits for the community

Ultra-fast connectivity

High-performance connections and advanced technology for real-time events, music and artistic performances

Global connections

International connections and collaborations to expand the boundaries of artistic research


Cross-pollination of ideas and ongoing exchange of expertise for a shared growth

Dedicated services

Access to a wide range of resources to meet every need

Voices of the community

from GARR TV (In Italian only)

Interested in connecting to GARR network? Contact us to find out more

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Already connected to GARR network? Get in touch to explore further connections or additional services

06 4962 2000