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Biomedical Research

Biomedical Research

Cutting-edge network and technologies for excellence in medicine

GARR provides ultra-broadband connectivity and computing and storage services to numerous institutions within the Italian biomedical research community. In particular, thanks to an agreement between GARR and the Ministry of Health, it has been possible since 2005 to connect all Scientific Institutes for Research, Hospitalization, and Health Care (IRCCS) and Experimental Zooprophylactic Institutes (IZS) at high speed. Through GARR's connectivity and services, biomedical research institutes have the opportunity to collaborate in scientific and educational contexts through the transfer of high-resolution images, access to diagnostic archives and collaborative environments, and distance learning.

The GARR network is a highly capable and reliable network infrastructure capable of meeting the specific needs of the biomedical community, enabling it to promote research activities at the national and international levels and foster multidisciplinary scientific collaboration. It facilitates the promotion and dissemination of research results, best practices, and innovative ideas; ensures the secure sharing of biomedical data; and provides high-capacity access to data centers offering distributed computing and storage services.

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Biomedical Research

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