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Advanced network services for international research collaborations

The research community constitutes a significant portion of the traffic volume on the GARR network. Often, this community presents complex requirements in terms of both bandwidth and advanced services. This drives GARR to develop innovative solutions and experiment with emerging technologies to meet these needs, whether to support Big Science experiments or to fulfill the requirements of smaller research groups.

The main objective is to provide cutting-edge services to all researchers, regardless of their geographical location or the international collaborations required.

GARR supports research not only with predefined solutions and services but also through custom designs to meet specific experiment, community, or project requirements. These tailored solutions are developed in close collaboration with the technical staff of the involved institutions and often represent experimental innovations not yet available on the market. This support is extended to all research disciplines and cultures, with the creation, in some cases, of dedicated infrastructures.

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Dedicated and customized international interconnections

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Scientific research

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