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A widespread network and advanced services for research and teaching for the universities in Italy

GARR provides ultra-broadband connectivity and advanced services to many universities and colleges, promoting multidisciplinary research and international collaboration through the GÉANT network.

A very large community

In the Italian university sector, the universities that benefit from the GARR connection are more than 90 (see Connected Organizations and Sites), including state and polytechnic universities, including the High Schools; non-state universities, telematic universities and international universities present in Italy.

It is a catchment area of ​​over 1.5 million students and over 100,000 teachers throughout the country.

Thanks to a capillary and reliable infrastructure, GARR guarantees not only the connectivity of the universities distributed throughout the country, but also their interconnection with the European research network GÉANT and with other international research networks, thus becoming an indispensable tool for the academic collaboration.

Connection features

Every connection of the GARR network has a high and symmetrical bandwidth capacity, with the same speed in download and upload. This feature, sometimes relatively unknown and often not included in the commercial providers offers, is of fundamental importance for teaching and especially for research carried out in universities as it allows institutions to independently create content, services, applications and not simply be passive users of the network. Furthermore, most of these universities are connected directly to the GARR fiber optic backbone.


With the connection to the GARR network, the university becomes part of an interdisciplinary community, which sees the network as an indispensable element for fostering collaborations and sharing knowledge and skills. An ultra-fast, transparent and technologically neutral network that guarantees the operation of innovative applications and protocols

In addition to the benefits of a powerful transparent and high quality network, users can use a wide range of services such as real-time network monitoring, IT security, web domain registration, public addressing, identity management digital, multi-videoconferencing, access to mobile Wi-Fi networks.

Another advantage of being connected to the GARR network is the free release of digital certificates, in personal and server versions.

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Beyond the network, a federated world

Furthermore, through the IDEM service, GARR offers to university teachers, students and researchers the opportunity to use a single identity and a single password to access different services on the network.

A single password, therefore, for all the available resources: digital libraries, magazines, scientific publications, Wi-Fi networks, e-learning platforms.

Secure connections for a community on the go

Eduroam is the GARR service that provides secure access to the wireless network for university users when they are in other academic locations in Italy and worldwide. Users who visit an institution participating in the initiative are able to use the wireless local network using the same credentials that they would use in their own institution, without further registration.

Videoconferencing systems

Through GARR Meet, the GARR videoconferencing services portal, it is possible to choose from many audio and videoconferencing services. Simple and secure access to meet all the needs of the research and education community.

It is possible to choose between services dedicated to the GARR community (for users with IDEM credentials) and free access services (provided in best effort mode).


GÉANT Network

Map of GÉANT Network - January 2017

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