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A comprehensive network and advanced services for research and education at Italian universities

Universities are redefining how students and teachers interact with knowledge, opening new perspectives for research, collaboration, and knowledge creation.

Having cutting-edge technological infrastructure is consequently essential to ensure that universities keep pace with the rapid digital progress and continue to offer high-quality, future-oriented education.
GARR's commitment is to provide ultra-fast connections and advanced services to all Italian universities, polytechnics, high schools, distance learning institutions, and international institutions present in Italy, supporting multidisciplinary research and international collaboration through the European GÉANT network.

With GARR, universities are at the forefront of an interdisciplinary community that recognizes the network as a fundamental element to promote technological innovation and the sharing of expertise. In addition to ensuring reliable and widespread connectivity, GARR offers a wide range of services such as network monitoring, cybersecurity tools, domain allocation, video conferencing, live streaming, and many others.

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