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Digital identities

Research and development activities in the field of digital identity have focused in particular on two areas:

  • testing of a cloud system to facilitate the process of digital identity management by organisations within the identity federations.
    This is an innovative approach that has been successfully tested in pilot studies conducted in collaboration with the biomedical community which has grown to become a nationwide service called IdP in the cloud. This activity was carried out mostly at the national level, and thanks to the great interest it has generated at the international level there are now plans to extend it to the European level in the context of GÉANT.
  • study and testing of new architectures for identity federations.
    This activity has focused in particular on the management and use of attributes to manage complex groups such as Virtual Organisations and personalise the authentication and authorisation services, for example by offering services based on the user's role. These activities were carried out both nationally and internationally, within the framework of the GÉANT (from GN2 to GN4 Phase2) and AARC 1 and 2 European projects. The AARC project in particular conducted a series of pilot studies with various user communities belonging to large European research infrastructures, such as CLARIN, ELIXIR, DARIAH.

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