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Connectivity services list

List of active connectivity services at International Research Institutes connected to the GARR Network

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Number of locations connected in the selected region: 32

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International Research Institutes

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ServiceSiteType SpecsDescBw
List of active connectivity services at the offices of the Sites and Organizations connected to the GARR Network
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Biblioteca Hertziana - RomaBibliotheca Hertziana Istituto M. Planck per la storia dell'arte - RomaIP DF100 Mbps
CTAO - BolognaCTAO Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory - BolognaIP L3GARR
Cornell University - RomaCornell University - RomaIP DF100 Mbps
EEHAR - RomaEEHAR - Escuela Española de Historia y Arqueología en RomaIP DFMAN100 Mbps
EFSA - sede di ParmaEFSA European Food Safety Authority - sede di ParmaIP LAMBDAOLO
EGO - Cascina (Pisa)European Gravitational Observatory - EGO CascinaIP DFMAN10 Gbps
EMBL - MonterotondoEMBL - MonterotondoIP DF1 Gbps
EUMETSAT - Fucino Avezzano (AQ)European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT)IP DFOLO1 Gbps
EURAC - Accademia Europea di Bolzano - (BZ)EURAC - Accademia Europea di BolzanoIP L3GARR1 Gbps
Ecole Francaise-Roma FarneseEcole Française-Roma FarneseIP L3GARR
Ecole Francaise-Roma NavonaEcole Française-Roma NavonaIP DF1 Gbps
Eucentre - PaviaEucentre - European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering - PaviaIP L3GARR
Holy See - VaticanSanta Sede-VaticanoIP DF1 Gbps
ICGEB - TriesteICGEB - TriesteIP L2GARR100 Mbps
ICRANet - PescaraICRANet - PescaraIP DFGARR100 Mbps
ICTP - TriesteICTP - TriesteIP DFMAN1 Gbps
IUE - FiesoleEuropean University Institute - S. Domenico di Fiesole (FI)IP DFMAN1 Gbps
Istituto di Norvegia in RomaIstituto di Norvegia in RomaIP DF100 Mbps
JRC - IspraEuropean Commission - Joint Research Centre - Ispra Site Directorate - Informatics, NetIP LAMBDAGARR10 Gbps
KHI - FirenzeKHI - FirenzeIP DFMAN100 Mbps
KHI - Firenze - dè ServiKHI - Firenze - de' ServiVPN DFMAN1 Gbps
KHI - Firenze VPN verso KHI dè ServiKHI - FirenzeVPN DFMAN1 Gbps
Microsoft R.C. Uni - TrentoThe Microsoft Research – University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems BiologyIP L3GARR
NYU - FirenzeNew York University - FirenzeIP DFMAN1 Gbps
Notre Dame University - RomaUniversity of Notre Dame - RomaIP DF200 Mbps
UNI-Bologna - Johns HopkinsThe Johns Hopkins University - BolognaIP DFMAN1 Gbps
Universités de Paris - Villa Finaly - FirenzeChancellerie des Universités de Paris - FirenzeIP DFMAN100 Mbps
VIU - VeneziaVenice International UniversityIP DFLOCAL100 Mbps
e2e Ecole Francaise-Roma Farnese -- Ecole Francaise-Roma NavonaEcole Française-Roma FarneseVPN DFOLO1 Gbps
e2e Ecole Francaise-Roma Navona -- Ecole Francaise-Roma FarneseEcole Française-Roma NavonaVPN DFOLO1 Gbps
e2e LENS Neuroanatomia - CINECALENS - Laboratorio di Neuroanatomia - Sesto Fiorentino (FI)VPN DFMAN10 Gbps

Total number of sites in this category connected to the GARR: 32