GARR National Network

GARR, Network

Peering list at ixp

An IXP is a network through which operators connect their backbones to each other, realizing part of the meshing of the Internet. Since the Internet is given by the composition of many networks, it is necessary that each portion be connected to the others.

The connection between them can be done with pinpoint circuits or through an IXP that allows, with a single circuit, to realize the interconnection of a network with, potentially, all the others already present on the IXP.

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GARR, Italy, Network

Regional and Metropolitan Networks

The GARR network interconnects with other networks at the local, national and international level, to facilitate data exchange between the research and education community and its partners. In addition to the usual connections with international research and education networks, it is worth mentioning several peerings with major commercial networks and with the networks managed by local public administrations such as Regions and Municipalities.

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GARR, Italy, Europe, Network

Commercial Networks

GARR offers its community a link to global internet through redundant connections with three of the main international operators, for an aggregate of 30 Gbit / sec, both in IPv4 and in IPv6.

In addition, connections are made to ISPs through links to the Internet Exchange of Milan MIX and Rome NaMeX, for an aggregate of 200 Gbit/sec, and links to the Internet Exchange of Turin TOP-IX, Florence TIX and Padua VSIX, for an aggregate of 12 Gbit/sec.

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GARR, Europe, GÉANT, Network

International Research Networks


GÉANT is the European high-capacity backbone that interconnects European research and education networks with multiple connections of 100Gbps and offers advanced services to large research infrastructures and the entire scientific, education and culture community in Europe.

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