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GARR National Network

GARR, Italy, Network

Regional and Metropolitan Networks

The GARR network interconnects with other networks at the local, national and international level, to facilitate data exchange between the research and education community and its partners. In addition to the usual connections with international research and education networks, it is worth mentioning several peerings with major commercial networks and with the networks managed by local public administrations such as Regions and Municipalities.

Peerings are currently active with the Telecommunication Networks of:

In particular, thanks to collaborations with the Metropolitan and Regional Area Networks, some dating back to the end of the nineties (with the GARR-B MAN project), it is possible to enhance cost-effectiveness and coverage for the research and education users located in a given geographical area.

To date, collaborations with MANs and RANs include:

  • The networks of the universities of Cassino, Genova, Insubria, Milan, and Pisa;
  • Lepida, the Regional Area Network of Emilia-Romagna;
  • Lightnet, the Metropolitan Area Network of the University and research centres in Trieste;
  • UniFInet, the MAN co-managed by the Municipality and University of Florence;
  • Venis, the MAN of the Municipality of Venice;