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Connectivity services list

List of active connectivity services at Inter-university consortia connected to the GARR Network

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Number of locations connected in the selected region: 7

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Inter-university consortia

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ServiceSiteType SpecsDescBw
List of active connectivity services at the offices of the Sites and Organizations connected to the GARR Network
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CINECA - Casalecchio di Reno (BO)CINECA - BolognaIP LAMBDAGARR10 Gbps
CINECA - Roma (ex CASPUR)CINECA Sede Operativa RomaIP DFLOCAL1 Gbps
e2e CINECA - Bologna - RomaCINECA - BolognaVPN L2VPN MPLSGARR10 Gbps
e2e CINECA - Bologna - RomaCINECA Sede Operativa RomaVPN L2VPNGARR10 Gbps
e2e CINECA - LENS NeuroanatomiaCINECA - BolognaVPN LAMBDAGARR10 Gbps

Total number of sites in this category connected to the GARR: 7