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Learning music has now a new Swing

Pubblicato il 07 January 2019

The SWING project, dedicated to innovation and collaboration in the field of higher musical education, officially kicked-off in Trieste on last 26 and 27 november. SWING, is the acronym of Synergic Work Incoming New Goals for Higher Education Music Institutions.

The project is coordinated by Claudio Allocchio, one of the fathers of LoLa, the ultra-HD audio and video low-latency transmission system created by GARR and the Tartini Music Conservatory of Trieste and now used all around the world to create real-time distance music performances and masterclasses.
Funded as a part of he Erasmus+, in the next three years SWING will work towards the creation of a new music teacher profile, who will be able to use advanced ICT technologies to bring musical education on a new level.

The idea is to leverage on user-friendly tools such as LoLa to create blended musical education models, which will enrich with new opportunities the students' curricula and facilitate the sharing and collaboration between European higher musical education institutions through a blend of people mobility and virtual presence.

Besides GARR, major European institutions devoted to musical education are involved in the project: the Tartini Music Conservatory of Trieste, the Music Academy of Lubjiana, the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna, and the European Association of Music Conservatories and Academies.

In addition, the Danish Royal Music Academy in Copenhagen and the Verdi Music conservatory of Milan are associated partners in SWING, as well as Politecnico di Milano and the Slovenian R&E Netwok, ARNES, which are involved in the project's technical activities.

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