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eduroam “Product of the Year” finalist in the WiFi Awards

This year Klaas Wierenga, the inventor of eduroam, has been honoured by being inducted into the internet hall of fame and now eduroam itself has been recognised by the WiFi industry and nominated as a finalist for “Product of the Year” at the annual WiFi Awards.

From its beginnings as a secure WiFi roaming service in 6 countries in Europe, eduroam has grown and grown and is now available in tens of thousands of locations across more than 100 countries.

With over 4 billion national and international authentications each year, the service is a global success story offering secure, easy-to-use, WiFi roaming for students, staff and research teams and helping people work together wherever they are.

What is so remarkable about eduroam is that is a truly global collaboration with teams from around the world working together to connect the R&E community and, what is more, it’s free to use. We are delighted and thrilled that the work of all the staff and teams around the world that make eduroam so successful are being recognised in this way by the WiFi industry

In Italy eduroam is managed by the Italian Eduroam Federation, coordinated by the GARR Consortium, which defines the rules of use and assignment in the other federations and confederations

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