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GARR-CERT to test cyber intelligence platform

Pubblicato il 06 April 2020

In the framework of the agreement signed with Resecurity, Inc., GARR-CERT started the trial of the Risk platform.

From decades now, data are the cybercrime's truest and most coveted target, that here makes the bigger profits and gains more and more power. Hence, allowing users to know which data they have already dispersed throughout the network - darkweb included - and who's behind the data breaches involving them, can be a big help for their security and to enable them to react adequately, and to reduce the risk of future incidents. This is the aim of the so-called "pre-emptive security".

Through Risk, users can run searches on their domains, IP adresses, email adresses, and many other data categories, using the information available both in open sources and in the dark web, and use the results to evaluate cyber risks for their organization. During the trial, three different types of data (external, internal and cloud) will be available for the analysis, with over 20 evaulable risk vectors including data breaches, compromised accounts and credentials, botnet infections, darkweb activities, vulnerable online software and services - including deserted virtual machines and storages containing personal information hosted in public clouds.

Automated alerts signal when new relevant data is found for each of the research instances.

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