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GARR launches the new GINS

Pubblicato il 16 December 2020

GARR has recently launched the new version of GINS, GARR suite including tools for network diagnostics, acquisition and display of traffic statistics, trouble tickets, flow analysis and reporting.

The new version was released after a long work, which led to a complete change of its architecture in order to embrace an agile and automated working methodology. The main aspect of this new version is a fully automated deployment of GINS applications, i.e. the tools that make up the platform. GINS is in fact a software made up of many elements, which became agile through the DevOps life cycle: this means less impact in evolutions, greater speed in implementing updates and greater reproducibility.

GINS, in addition to being the main tool used by GARR NOC for monitoring and managing the network and equipment, trouble tickets and security-related activities, is used by local manager (APM) to monitor the network. GINS also has a public interface providing real-time information on the traffic of the entire network (weather maps, traffic and network topology), highly detailed statistics, ticket processing status and traffic history.

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