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Sauro Longhi joins the JRC Board of Directors

Pubblicato il 22 December 2021

GARR president, Sauro Longhi, was appointed as the Italian representative within the Board of Governors of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) with a three-year assignment, starting from December 2021.

The Governing Council of the JRC assists and advises the Director-General and the Commission on the Centre's strategic role and scientific, technical and financial management. Board members, appointed by the Commission on designation by national authorities, also represent the interests of the JRC in their respective countries.

The Joint Research Centre is a Directorate General of the European Commission that contributes to European policies by providing independent scientific evidence. Its research focuses on particular societal challenges, namely health, demographic change and population well-being; food safety; sustainable agriculture and forests; marine, maritime and inland water research; the bioeconomy; safe, clean and efficient energy; intelligent, green and integrated transport; the fight against climate change, the environment, the efficient use of resources and raw materials.

It is also concerned with improving nuclear safety; increase excellence in basic research in the nuclear field for standardization; but also to promote knowledge management, education and training.

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