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With NEANIAS new services for open science are now available

Pubblicato il 21 March 2023

The Horizon 2020 project NEANIAS, which began at the end of 2019 with the goal of developing prototypes of innovative services in the EOSC context, particularly for the submarine, atmospheric, and space research sectors, has been completed. The project's Italian scientific partners are GARR, INAF, and UNIMIB, while ALTEC (an ASI subsidiary) and MEEO participated as SMEs (small and medium-sized companies).

NEANIAS has actively participated in the creation of the EOSC ecosystem, by involving large scientific and professional communities and contributing to the development of EOSC technology and methodology at a procedural, strategic, and even commercial level, engaging a wide range of academic activities and corporate groups, as well as numerous researchers, professionals, and government agencies. The project was particularly focused in the design and development of innovative services based on cutting-edge research resources and practices in these three research sectors.From a technological standpoint, NEANIAS has developed for these sectors flexible and open services capable of meeting the needs of the respective communities while also adapting to similar use cases, thereby favouring reproducibility and usability, beginning with software with a solid foundation and progressing to a level of full reliability.

In particular, there are 14 thematic services (4 atmospheric, 3 underwater, 7 space) and 26 generic services for Cloud integration and EOSC onboarding. 14 of these services have been ported to EOSC. Some of these services have been developed by INAF (;quantity=10;from=0;resource_providers=inaf) which used the GARR Cloud platform.They are still functional and continue to be extended thanks to national and international projects and initiatives in which INAF is involved (such as the ERC Synergy ECOGAL, EuroHPC SPACE, the ICSC National Center and the Square Kilometer Array)

GARR played a key role as a technology partner in the project, assisting with the configuration and deployment of the cloud services developed in NEANIAS, as well as the maintenance of related cloud resources and services. GARR also helped with the integration of services in EOSC.

The GARR Cloud services, in particular, are used for the computing resources required for the operation of the services to be integrated into the EOSC portal, and are available on both OpenStack (for virtual machines) and the Kubernetes platform (for containers). The good performance of operations was made possible by the proactive monitoring of cloud resources conducted by GARR, to prevent and/or react quickly to technical problems.

The catalog of developed services is available on the project website:

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