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The TeRABIT project is hiring data scientists and researchers

Pubblicato il 18 April 2023

In the frame of the TeRABIT project, financed by the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR - NextGenerationEU funds), the research group in Dynamics of Ecosystems and Computational Oceanography of the Oceanography Section of OGS is hiring 12 staff units for researchers and technologists (deadline for applications: 4th May).

Specifically, the call 10/2023 for 9 positions as data scientist/technologist provides for three types of profiles:

  • · Profile 1: 5 positions in the field of computational applications and software development, scientific programming, parallel computing and implementation of technologies for digital twins (TeRABIT project)
  • · Profile 2: 2 positions in the field of computational applications and software development, numerical methods, parallel computing, data analysis and management, visualization systems and digital twin technologies (iNEST project).;
  • · Profile 3: 2 positions in the field of management and use of high-performance computing and cloud systems related to the upgrade of the PRACE-Italy Tier-1 system (TeRABIT project; workplace: Cineca, Bologna).

Proven ability is required within topics related to: management and/or use of computing systems and networks, information technology, computational applications and software development, parallel computing, implementation of technologies for digital twins and data science.

More information (in italian)

IThe call 11/2003 for 3 researcher positions in the field of thethe analysis of marine ecosystems and the impacts of climate change, using the integration of models and data-driven approaches. Proven ability is required within topics related to: Earth system modeling (also at the regional scale) and interactions between its components, modeling of marine ecosystems, analysis of multi-scale impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean Sea and in marginal seas, data-driven modeling and analysis of large volumes of climate and oceanographic data.

More information (in italian)

ABout the TeRABIT project

The TeRABIT project will create by 2025 an integrated computing and network infrastructure with very high performance and make it accessible to scientific communities throughout the national territory.

Co-managed by GARR, INFN, OGS and CINECA and financed with PNRR funds, TeRABIT will integrate and enhance three large strategic research infrastructures: GARR-T, PRACE-Italy and HPC-BD-AI:

  • GARR-T, network infrastructure to support education and research in Italy which will be upgraded with connections at capacities up to terabit per second, reaching geographic areas complementary to those already covered through other interventions, reducing the digital divide for the community of research.
  • PRACE-Italy, high performance computing infrastructure (HPC) - Italian node of the European PRACE infrastructure - which will upgrade its Tier-1 category HPC system, developing a hybrid architecture and connecting it to the other Exascale centers of EuroHPC as CINECA supercomputer Leonardo, part of ICSC.
  • HPC-BD-AI, a computing infrastructure distributed across multiple sites throughout the country capable of managing high-performance computing resources, big data and artificial intelligence applications, which will create smaller HPC systems, available according to the paradigm of edge computing.

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