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Gender Equality Plan 2023-2025: GARR's concrete commitment to gender equality and inclusion

Pubblicato il 10 July 2023

GARR has released the Gender Equality Plan 2023-2025 (GEP) to actively support gender equality and promote the evolution of an increasingly inclusive organization.

The Plan represents a tangible commitment to valuing differences, particularly those related to gender, and fostering an organizational culture free from biases, based on the core values of inclusivity, equity, and transparency. This strategic plan provides a comprehensive framework, encompassing legal, organizational, economic, and social aspects, to effectively implement gender equality. Through a combination of established policies and new initiatives, the GEP aims to overcome remaining obstacles.

The GEP Team, a specially formed working group within GARR, chaired by Director Claudia Battista, has developed the plan, involving eight members of the internal staff with diverse experiences and knowledge. Five thematic areas were considered during the drafting of the GEP:

  1. Work-life balance, organizational culture, and combating stereotypes GARR intends to promote the physical, psychological, and social well-being of internal staff by creating an organizational environment that supports a healthy work-life balance and combats gender stereotypes.
  2. Gender equality in leadership positions and decision-making bodies GARR aims to identify existing gender imbalances and take measures to ensure greater balance in decision-making and leadership roles.
  3. Gender equality in recruitment and career progression Parità di genere nelle assunzioni e nelle progressioni di carriera: GARR commits to continue adopting inclusive communication campaigns, as well as offering favourable part-time and flexible working conditions to balance work and parenthood during career progressions.
  4. Integration of the gender dimension in research GARR seeks to enhance the professions in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields by promoting gender equality, supporting initiatives such as the annual "GÉANT women in STEM" campaign, and promoting a culture that recognizes the value of gender representation in the ICT sector.
  5. Combating gender-based violence, including sexual harassment GARR is committed to raising awareness and promoting a respectful and stereotype-free culture through actions and campaigns aimed at combating gender-based violence.

The expected results of the Plan will be monitored annually by GARR, with goals and actions being redefined, if necessary.

pdf GARR Gender Equality Plan 2023-2025 (2.86 MB)