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Madrid: double appointment with Open Science - EOSC Symposium and Open Science FAIR

Pubblicato il 13 September 2023

The world of Open Science and the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) is gearing up for two prominent events to be held in Madrid, as part of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union's events, and the Skills4EOSC project, coordinated by GARR, will play a central role in both of these prestigious occasions.

EOSC Symposium (September 20th to 22nd)

The EOSC Symposium, organized in collaboration with the EOSC tripartite partnership, comprising the EOSC Association, EOSC Steering Board, and the European Commission, will take place within the context of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union Council.
This entirely hybrid event aims to update the European research community on the latest developments in EOSC and foster exchange and collaboration among various stakeholders.

On September 22nd, from 9:00 to 10:30, Skills4EOSC will host the session "Skills & Training: European alignment on skills and training: Charting the path forward". In this session, discussions will revolve around harmonizing and coordinating training activities to develop essential skills in Open Science. Topics such as establishing networks of competence centers, implementing a European curriculum for Data Stewards, and assessing the quality of training resources will be addressed. In-person registrations have closed, but you can register to follow the EOSC Symposium 2023 online by visiting the website.


Open Science FAIR (September 25th to 27th)

The Open Science FAIR is an international event designed to bring together Open Science communities, identify best practices, and promote synergies to deliver and enhance effective services for the research world.

On September 25th, from 14:15 to 16:15, Skills4EOSC will organize the workshop "Digital Skills for FAIR and Responsible Open Science: Co-creating the Content, Structure, and Pathway". at the Auditorio Piccolo of the Reina Sofia Museum. This workshop, in collaboration with PATTERN and the EOSC Association's Task Force Data Stewardship Curricula and Career Paths, aims to promote new approaches to bridge competency gaps in Open Science (OS) and Responsible and Innovative Research (RRI). The emphasis will be on the professional profiles needed to develop high-quality FAIR educational resources for students and academics.

Furthermore, on September 26th, at 15:45 in the Auditorium 200 of the Reina Sofia Museum, Loek Brinkman from DANS will present a "Lightning talk" titled "Boosting community engagement: the open science community incubator program". Skills4EOSC collaborates with INOSC to offer the 12-week online program 'OSC Incubator' for creating new local communities in Open Science. To register for the conference, please visit the website.