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New edition of the Open Science Café webinar series!

Pubblicato il 11 September 2023

The Open Science Café, the monthly appointment with Open Science, is back. The first date of this new edition is Thursday 14 September with "Generative artificial intelligence and copyright", a webinar held by the lawyer Simone Aliprandi on the topic of applied copyright to creative productions generated by artificial intelligence.

The calendar of upcoming events is very dense and the topics addressed will range from open academic publishing to evaluation reform, data reuse, EPOS, OpenCitations, and Citizen Science with many practical examples and experts from the Italian research community.

The Open Science Café series was launched in March 2021 to offer the Italian scientific community a monthly appointment to inform and discuss various aspects related to Open Science. Each episode lasts an hour and focuses on a specific theme, always leaving space for discussion.

The Open Science Café is part of the initiatives of the ICDI Competence Centre, a network of experts, activities and research infrastructures to support the national Open Science community and the Italian participation in the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

The webinars are published in streaming on and GARR social channels. On you can find the playlist of all webinars. To be up-to-date on upcoming events, we invite you to register on Learning GARR