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GARR NEWS 28 is online

Pubblicato il 15 November 2023

GARR NEWS 28 is available online, delving into diverse themes associated with the continually evolving concept of the frontier, which is a mission central to GARR's goals.

GARR's agenda, is taking shape thanks to funding from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) allocated to the TeRABIT project. This project aims to reduce the digital divide and strengthen the Italian candidacy of the Sos Enattos site for the Einstein Telescope, an observatory for gravitational waves with a thousand times greater efficiency in listening to the Universe to understand its origins.

In this issue, we discuss the GARR-T national network, which has reached 100% completion, achieving significant results such as the first geographical-scale Data Center Interconnection link between Geneva and Bologna, made possible by spectrum sharing. Additionally, we delve into quantum technologies, where optical fiber is used for Quantum Key Distribution. As always, we dedicate space to the theme of cybersecurity and opportunities for the new generation, as GARR encourages young talents through initiatives such as the "Orio Carlini" scholarships and the GÉANT Innovation Programme, aimed at supporting new ideas in networking and research infrastructure utilization.

Internationally, we take stock of the European EOSC-Pillar project, a broad collaboration involving five European countries with the goal of facilitating the realization of the European Open Science Cloud. Furthermore, we present the FOSSR project, focusing on its objectives and the services and tools under development and implementation. Enjoy your reading!