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Here are the new GARR scholarship projects!

Pubblicato il 03 April 2024

On April 9th, GARR Scholars' Day 2024 will take place in Rome, an event dedicated to the winners of the eleventh edition of the Orio Carlini scholarships and their research projects.

Here are the projects:

  • For the data management theme, SOS: Soil Observation System. A digital and open access alternative for soil data collection and management by Alessandro Auzzas from the University of Sassari - Department of Architecture, Design, and Urban Planning.
  • In the networking sectorDevelopment of innovative technologies based on eBPF for load balancing and monitoring of services in large distributed computing infrastructures by Luca Bassi from INFN - CNAF Bologna and A unifying approach to programming heterogeneous devices in the edge-cloud continuum by Angela Cortecchia from the University of Bologna - Department of Computer Science and Engineering Campus in Cesena.
  • On artificial intelligenceThe use of Machine Learning in the probabilistic prediction of volcanic events at Mount Etna by Giulio Domina from INGV - Mount Etna Observatory and Machine learning applied to stellar astrophysics by Francesco Turini from the University of Pisa, Department of Physics.
  • About big dataAn Unparameterized characterization of Big Data samples by Annalisa Feliziani from INFN, Pisa Section.Blockchain technology is proposed in A National System of Digital Certification for University Competencies through Blockchain Technology by Antonino Iaria from the University of Pisa, Department of Computer Science.
  • In the biomedical sector, CREDO: a friendly Customizable, REproducible, DOcker file generator for bioinformatics applications by Eliseo Martelli from the University of Turin - Guido Tarone Molecular Biotechnology Interdepartmental Center.
  • On digital twin applied to the networking sector, Enhancing digital twin transmission model enabling optical network infrastructure as a service by Enrico Miotto from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications.
  • In cybersecurity, Integrated cybersecurity system for proactive threat management by Nicolò Thei from the University of Parma.

The event will be live streamed on and GARR's YouTube and Facebook channels, and the presentations will be made available on the event website


Every year, GARR offers scholarships, named after Prof. Orio Carlini, to 10 young talents involved in topics related to digital infrastructures and their multidisciplinary use. These scholarships aim to carry out a 12-month research project on topics identified by the student.

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