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Tomás de Miguel

Farewell to Tomás de Miguel, director of the Spanish network RedIRIS

The Spanish NREN RedIRIS announced the loss of RedIRIS Director Tomás de Miguel Moro, who sadly passed away on 23 July in Madrid.

For more than 12 years, he has been at the helm of Rediris, performing his duties with relentless dedication.

A highly respected, influential and well-liked figure in research and education networking, Tomás had a key role in the development of the research network in his Country. His commitment and successes have been recognised in several occasions, including the award of the Spanish Medal for Military Merit for his contribution to the development of the National Emergencies Network (RENEM) in 2007 and the prize of CRUE-TIC (ICT Sector of the Conference of Spanish University Deans) for the trajectory of an institution in 2014.

GARR management wish to extend their sympathy to Tomás’ family, friends and colleagues and remember his extraordinary qualities.

For those who had the opportunity to meet Tomás and work with him, Red.es/RedIRIS has set up a virtual book of condolences at:


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