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  • What We Offer

What We Offer

Physical infrastructure

The GARR Cloud Platform is built on an infrastructure distributed geographically over 5 sites and implemented as a part of the GARR-X Progress project. The five data centres are located


Wireless connectivity

Employees and guests at the GARR office have the following wireless connectivity services available to access the internet.


WiFi Terms of service

The WiFi service of the Consortium GARR provides connectivity to the wireless network to:

  1. GARR Staff;
  2. Visitors whose organization is in eduroam federation;
  3. Visitors whose organization is in IDEM federation to

Cloud Infrastructure

In addition to the network infrastructure, GARR operates a computing and storage infrastructure, on top of which the GARR Cloud Platform is developed. Through this platform, the research and education community can access


Technical contacts in Organizations

In order to ensure a constant and direct link between the technical and administrative services of GARR and the connected organizations, the latter are called to identify some reference figures:

The Rector Delegate for the GARR


Scholars' days

During the scholarships, GARR organizes meeting days with the scholarship holders for a fruitful development of the activities and to support the people who work for them.

Courses archive

Di seguito l'elenco dei corsi e seminari che il GARR organizza per la sua comunità.

Nelle pagine dedicate ad ogni evento sono disponibili i materiali utilizzati e, dove disponibili, i filmati dei corsi stessi.


GARR Network Map

GARR Network Map
GARR Network Map - January 2018