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Schools and university at the highest speed

The collaboration between schools and universities represents a viable solution for bandwidth connectivity. An example comes from the city of Genua where some schools collaborated with the local university to interconnect to GARR network.

"Reliability and speed of connection are very important conditions for a school because without these elements, teachers often give up to use web_based technology and to educate on how to use digital tools. These reasons led us to work towards a more reliable connection"- explained Delfino, teacher at the Istituto Onnicomprensivo Colombo di Genova.

"We knew GARR, but we thought it was a network dedicated only to universities and research institutes. After contacting the local administrations and the Ministry of Education, we contacted GARR and the University of Genoa and we created the connection of the school to GARR through GenuaNet metropolitan network.

After several meetings to assess the feasibility, characteristics and costs of the project, we set up the school network infrastructure that is active today. We have a firewall-protected access to GARR network and Internet with a symmetrical speed of 100 Mbps, the availability of 5 public IP addresses for Internet access and for providing services outside our school and a fast and direct connection between the different sites of the school. Besides the speed and the reliability of the network, optical fibres and the independence from commercial providers allows us to be free to plan future developments and change the network topology according to our needs. Moreover, in relation to the organisational aspect, we have a single point of access for Internet network.

Finally, from a financial point of view, the investment will be recovered by closing the different contracts we had with commercial providers. According to our calculations, in less than 18 months, we will be able to amortise the one-time initial investment in cables laying and equipment preparation and after that time we’ll guarantee the Institute an annual saving of almost 5.000 euros ".

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